Annual stewardship

Growing a sustainable culture of generosity within your congregation takes planning as well as a lot of time and effort.  It's nice to have a working partner who helps you maintain a focus on a fruitful harvest to sustain the ministries of your church throughout the year.

Resource Ministry Partners assists congregations in igniting the joy of giving and helps to create on-going cultures of generosity.  We provide resources and support as your congregation transforms into giving from grateful hearts.  This transformation becomes a lifestyle and has everlasting impact on your congregation's spiritual growth.

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Year-long stewardship coaching

Resource Ministry Partners can guide you through a year-long process of weaving stewardship into your yearly calendar through studies, legacy giving, and congregational awareness.

  • Team Assembly and Coaching:  Your coach will work with you and your team on the concept and reality of a culture of generosity.  Together with the coach, the team will study stewardship resources so that there is collective buy-in on the process before the year-long plan launches.
  • Small Group Study:  The year-long plan includes stewardship education by using Sunday school and small groups for teaching Bible lessons based on stewardship and generosity.
  • Congregational Awareness:  Resource Ministry Partners works with you and your team on intentionally communicating with the congregation how money given to the church is used to touch the lives of people with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.  This happens not only during worship services, but also through church media.
  • Legacy Giving:  Part of the year-long plan includes and emphasis on legacy giving by providing estate planning options and opportunities.
  • Coaching and Onsite Visits:  Your coach will will work with you throughout the entire year including  scheduled on-site visits.
  • Communications Assistance:  You and your team will have access to the Resource Ministry Partners team for such resources as graphic design, videography, printing, and digital media.  The plan also includes access to our web-based project management system which will allow you to communicate with our team at your convenience.

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General budget stewardship campaigns

Resource Ministry Partners stands ready to help you raise the necessary funds for your general budget.  Whether it is a stand-alone campaign or coupled with a capital campaign, we will work with you to educate and inspire your congregation.  We believe that giving is a gift, and we want to share the joy of being stewards of the blessings God has given us.

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