Capital Campaigns

Resource Ministry Partners serves our ministry partners' unique needs for capital funding.  Whether it is for construction, renovation, re-purposing, or debt retirement, capital campaigns strengthen the tools used in developing the future of the church and the community.  Our process is Biblically-based and founded on prayer.

Capital Campaigns are a step of faith by your congregation — a step in response to God's call to renew, refresh, revision and realize your church's mission.  Resource Ministry Partners takes great care in understanding your congregation's culture and customizes a unique approach and process for you and your congregation.

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Team approach

  • Our Team
    At some point during your campaign, each member of our team will be involved in the development and execution of your campaign.  Our team consists of individuals who specialize in the areas of capital and annual campaigns, strategic ministry, lay leadership, financial planning, planned giving, endowments, major donor giving, marketing, print/design and video production.  Meet our team.
  • Your Team
    Once you and your congregation have a clear vision for why funds are being raised, we will work with you on gathering a team made of leaders in your congregation.  We believe that when people have the chance to serve they become more invested in the process and engage in the vision of the campaign.  We have found that once teams begin to work together toward a common goal it energizes congregations not only for the campaign, but also for years to come!

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giving is a spiritual matter

Capital campaigns conducted through Resource Ministry Partners rely upon Biblically-based principles, prayer, and trust in God's faithfulness.  In conjunction with your campaign team, we provide study guides, prayer materials, and scriptural guidance.  We have seen the Holy Spirit move in the campaigns we have been honored to be a part of, and we are excited to be a part of your next campaign!

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telling the story

The Resource Ministry Partners team has church communicators, graphic designers, and videographers ready to assist you in telling the story of your church.  As part of your campaign, our team will work with your pastor(s), campaign director(s), staff, and campaign communications team to develop media which will best communicate the purpose of your campaign and how everything will roll out all while promoting the need for raising funds.

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it's all about community

God calls us not only to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, but also to love our neighbor as ourselves..  Whether it is engaging small groups and Sunday school classes, children and youth, or developing a fellowship event, Resource Ministry Partners guides you and your church in creating community engagement around your capital campaign. 

Stewardship and Leadership giving

You and your church are considering a capital campaign because you have a need for funds.  Resource Ministry Partners has a wealth of experience and resources to guide you in educating your congregation on stewardship.  We also work with your team to identify and engage those people in your congregation who have been blessed with the resources to make significant gifts toward your campaign focus.

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