What's your drip?

Is it that fresh cup of coffee in the morning?  Is it a five-minute break from your desk?  Where do you find a moment of clarity when that new idea pops into your head?

We live in a  fast-changing culture where we are often doing ministry for an era that has long since passed into history.  Are your skills up to speed?  Is your church growing, having impact and changing the community around you?

What is it exactly?

This in-box resource is a steady drip of new insights, thoughts, and ideas designed to fill your cup.  Sign up today and receive videos, articles, and ministry-changing resources designed to take what you do as a pastor and church leader to new places in leading others to Christ.

Help create the blend!

Need insights on stewardship?  Need inspiration for a sermon?  How do you navigate the culture of your church?  How effective is your church's communication plan?  Let us know what sorts of resources you're looking for and we'll add it to the mix!

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Let us know HERE what sort of resoruces you're looking for in your ministry. What do you strugle with? What takes too much time and effort? What bogs you down? What questions do you have that you're too afraid to ask? We'll find or create the resource and DRIP it to you and everyone else on the list!

Introducing ... The Drip

Every few weeks ... drip.
A new nugget ... drip.
A new resource ... drip.
A new insight ... drip.
Pretty soon ... drip.
The cup gets full ... drip.

The Drip is about tools, tips, training, resources, videos, insights — all focused on taking your church, your leadership … YOU … to the next level in ministry.


Check out a couple of sample videos below.  Yes, these are from our 4Q14 file, but they're a good taste of what The Drip will be about.